Dear Members




From 5.00pm today 20 March, the upstairs part of the Club House will be closed until further notice.  This means no bar or restaurant facilities.  We will keep the outside balcony open. 


Our Pro Shop downstairs will remain open as will our toilets but we will regulate the number of people in the building at any time. 


At this time we need support and understanding during these unprecedented times.  You can help support us as we will provide a take-away service for outside and for on the course.  This will help our staff to keep working which is vital to our policy at Brett Vale.  Holly will supply details on how we will structure this service later on today. 


Please make sure that every player checks in as normal and please book your tee times as normal.  Under no circumstances must anyone start playing on the course without notifying our staff, checks will be made. 


If you do not wish to touch flag sticks and rakes then please don’t.  Rake bunkers will stay out but if you choose not to use them please smooth with your foot as best you can. 


It is your choice whether to touch the flags but if people you are playing with are the same then just use your initiative.  One suggestion would be within putter length of hole. 


We will at all costs keep the course in a good condition and open.  Our staff are totally committed to the cause.

 Thank you for your help and understanding. 


Many thanks,