Brett Vale TAMS played their 12th home match of the year against Stowmarket and recorded an outstanding 8 – 0 win
Its now twelve wins out of twelve home matches played with the final match in two weeks time against Hintelsham
The course was excellent as was the food to follow
Well done to Captain Neville and his team on another victory
The wins were as follows
Neville Proctor & Alan Finch 2 & 1
Danny Lumley & Peter Webber 4 & 2
Bill Stowe & Peter Orrin 5 & 4
Brig Archer & Richard Clayton 3 & 2
Maurice Eccles & David Brothers 6 & 4
Paul Jennings & Brian Fulto 2 & 1
Keith Ribbans & John Ames 3 & 1
Mark Milner & Clive Bloom 2 & 1


The TAMS played an away match at Braintree on Friday 20th September 2019
They recorded an outstanding victory in a close match by 4 1/2 to 3 1/2
The TAMS team were led by Vice Captain Peter Webber and playing with Bill Stowe they set the team towards victory by recording a 2 up win
Additional wins were recorded by
Stephen Gooday & Chris Gerry 2 up
Richard Clayton & Richard Elbourne 4 & 2
David Brothers & Jim Stewart 6 & 5
Paul Jennings & Alan Finch halved their match


TAMS played their return match at Ufford Park and came away with the match halved
The winning pairs were
Neville Proctor and Tony Page with Tony winning their match on the 18th
Brig Archer and Peter Webber
Simon Donnelly and Peter Turner
Stephen Gooday and John Pritchard
Special mention for Brig Archer with his pairing three down with four to play
Brig birdied three of the last four holes to make it a win this stunned their
Stephen Gooday and John Pritchard recorded the best result winning by
three holes
The other three wins were closer two winning by one and the other by two


The TAMS played there 11th home match of the Inter Club season today when they played Clacton Golf Club (the first ‘Seniors’ match at Brett Vale between to the two clubs)
The course and the food to follow were both outstanding
The TAMS kept up their 100% home win record with a 7 – 1 victory
There are just two home matches remaining in what could be a record year for the TAMS
The team were led by Captain Neville Proctor playing with Maurice Eccles and they recorded a close win by 1 hole
Additional wins were also recorded by
Andrew Brothers & Peter Webber 4 & 3
Stephen Gooday & David Brothers 4 & 3
Nigel Hanham & Richard Clayton 5 & 4
Danny Lumley & Peter Turner 3 & 2
Brig Archer & Tony Page 7 & 6
Mark Milner & Peter Orrin 2 & 1
The only match lost was close losing by 1 hole