About T.A.M.S.


Brett Vale T.A.M.S. are the official Seniors Section of Brett Vale Golf Club and welcome new members. We meet every Tuesday mornings, with tee off times allocated between 7.30 am and 10.00 am.

We have a diary full of competitions and events throughout the year, including home & away inter-club matches with 12 others clubs in Suffolk & Essex.

We currently have  88 members in our Section, and membership of the T.A.M.S. is open to any member of Brett Vale Golf Club aged 55 or over, who can meet the criteria as set out in the rules. Membership is subject to T.A.M.S Committee approval and in exceptional circumstances names may have to be put onto a waiting list. Only T.A.M.S. members may participate in T.A.M.S. competitions or informal sweeps.

To join the T.A.M.S. there is a current additional annual charge  for 2021 of £35 which includes the cost of all trophies and prizes throughout the year, the annual lunch and various other ‘special event’ meals during the year.
Come along and enjoy the friendship, the informal days, and the regular competition at this ‘top class’ course.

Committee 2021

T.A.M.S. Captain
T.A.M.S. Vice Captain
Past Captain
Mark MilnerTreasurer
Peter OrrinSecretary
Jim StewartCompetitions Secretary
General Committee
General Committee