Membership fees

Fees for 2019/20 are as follows:

Individual 7 Day (12 month)
Subject to availability
Individual 5 day (12 months) subject to availability£695.00£64.58£183.75
Juniors (under 18) 7 Day (12 month)£150n/an/a
Social Par 3 for beginners, wives etc£50n/an/a

Note that, in addition to the membership fee, members are required to pay an affiliation fee per annum of £16 to the SGU (Suffolk Golf Union) or £14.75 for the LGU (Ladies’ Golf Union).

Terms & Conditions of payment:

We accept various methods of payment and fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

  • Annual fees can be paid by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.
  • Monthly and Quarterly fees must be paid by direct debit only.
  • Monthly direct debit carries an admin fee of £80 pa.
  • Quarterly direct debit carries an admin fee of £40 pa.

The admin fees have been incorporated into the monthly and quarterly charges shown above.

All annual memberships relate to the 5th April each year. Fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis if joining at any other time.

If you have any membership enquiries please contact us for details and we will be pleased to assist you.