Committee minutes – Seniors


Held on Tuesday 30th March 2021

– Apologies were received from Neville Proctor
Senior’s Captain’s Update;
– Peter Webber outlined the purpose of the meeting and the outcome of his discussions with
Chris Waters, with added support from Peter Orrin.
–  He explained the rationale behind the changes to bring the Seniors Section in line with the
rest of the Club.
– He explained that he would, with the help of his Vice Captain, take full responsibility for the
Seniors Qualifying Competitions to be run throughout the year, all to be run as, All Day
Events, through the Club and open to all Seniors of the Club (defined as any Member 55+).
These competitions would be scheduled on the Club Website with those taking part to enter
and pay their fees through the Pro Shop on the day of the Competition.
Peter Webber gave all a copy of the updated Fixture & Event plans drawn up and to include
Club events and those for the Ladies. The general view taken was that the old (TAMS)
names could be kept for these competitions and with any trophy name changes, when a
suitable opportunity arises.
He additionally and again with the help of his Vice Captain would set up and manage the
Seniors Inter Club Friendly matches, which he hoped would be able to start again in July at
the earliest and again open to all Senior Members of the Club.
– He confirmed that the position of Seniors Captain (& Vice Captain) would be approved by
the Club and run through to the end of March annually, in line with the positions of Club
Captain & Lady Captain
– At this stage Bill Stowe confirmed that he would be standing down as Vice Captain, for
health reasons. Peter Webber confirmed that he was in discussions with a possible successor
for Bill and once confirmed and approved by the Club he would advise all.
Seniors Section Block Booking Tee Times:
– Peter Webber & Peter Orrin confirmed that Chris Waters had confirmed that Block Booking
Tee Times will be available to Brett Vale Seniors with effect from Tuesday 22 nd June 2021,
government guidelines permitting. These would be available to all Senior’s of the Club with
no joining fee. Tee times are to be made available 7-30 to 10-00 a.m. with seasonal
variations as needed
– Peter Webber confirmed that he would need support of a smaller more informal committee
to run these Tuesday gatherings. He confirmed that these could be run from that date for non
qualifying competitions/team games in a similar way to those previously run by the TAMS.
– It was agreed that three positions would be key to help in the running of these days.
The continuation a Treasurer to look after the money received from entry fees which were
suggested at £2. Mark Milner agreed to continue in this position until next March 2022,
using the old Bank Account.
A Bookings Officer to identify those wishing to play each week and producing a tee time
schedule. Peter Orrin agreed to take on this role.
Finally a Tuesday Competitions Officer to manage the Tuesday events, looking after the
game format, the starter duties, collecting the entry fees and the checking of cards to
determine the competition winners etc. Barry Root agreed to take on this role.
Peter Robinson agreed to continue with the ballsweep with entry included in the £2 fee
collected. Barry confirmed that he would initially schedule some designated starters to help
through the early months and beyond.

Old TAMS Financial issues:
– Mark Milner confirmed that a balance of £2268-63 was held in the TAMS name including
£429-15 for the Charity Fund. He produced a forecast of how best these moneys should be
used and each item was agreed by the Committee. Mark will update the list with a good
proportion kept for identified purposes for the rest of the year, mainly surrounding the
Tuesday Informal requirements and the remainder added to the Captain’s charity fund.

– Peter Orrin mentioned the stock of TAMS clothing still held including 3 sweaters & 13 polo
shirts. It was agreed that these would be offered to Members at say £10 each with monies
going to the Captain’s Charity, which should raise up to £150
Ongoing Needs:
– Peter Orrin confirmed that he has been in contact with Holly and that the Web Site has been
updated to reflect the ‘new’ Seniors Section and remove reference to the TAMS
– Peter Webber will arrange to update the ongoing Seniors Qualifying dates onto the Web Site
and will put up a note regarding the rules of the Annual Dunningham Competition and The
Seniors Championship when this can be publicised in the Clubhouse
-Mark Milner expressed concern in covering the incidental costs of the Seniors Section from
2022 onwards and it was suggested that a portion of the Tuesday £2 entry fees needs to be
kept to cover this requirement
-It was agreed that the Seniors Captain should formally advise the ‘old TAMS’ listing of the
changes in the next few weeks. Peter Orrin is to put this together to be sent under the
Captain’s name.
Other Matters
-Barry Root mentioned the possibility of an informal gathering for the ‘old TAMS’ to present
all previous Trophies and he and Peter Webber will look to see if this can be arranged in
July. At that gathering Peter Orrin will bring along the Clothing Stock to see if there are any
willing purchasers.