T.A.M.S. committee minutes



Held on Tuesday 4th December 2018

At Brett Vale Golf Course



  • At 2-45 p.m. the Captain – Maurice Eccles welcomed sixty TAMS to the meeting and gave a special welcome to his guest – Brian Taylor, Fundraiser Alzheimer Research East Anglia
  • Maurice was delighted to present a cheque for £6535 to this charity and thanked all of the TAMS for their hard work in raising a record sum of money throughout his year as Captain. He confirmed that the money also included £3575 raised through his own Family
  • In response, Brian Taylor thanked all the TAMS for their generosity in raising such a sum of money, much larger than he was normally used to receiving. He assured all present that it will be put to good use, in the ongoing research needed to find a cure for this terrible disease

Apologies for Absence;

  • Apologies for absence were received from Robert Knights, John Curran, Paul Fletcher, Richard Sivyer, Peter Bennie, Mick Hurley, Ernie Dow, Bill Stowe, Alan Finch, John Cannon, Peter Bond, Malcolm Lamond, Simon Donnelly, David Evans & Rob Thomas

Minutes of last A.G.M. 5th December 2017:

  • These had been made available for the meeting and after a show of hands these minutes were confirmed as being a true record and signed off by the Captain. Approved by Keith Armes & seconded by Richard Elbourne

Matters Arising:

  • There were no matters arising

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Mark Milner produced year end Accounts as at 30/11/18 with copies available on the day
  • He initially advised of the impact of Brexit and the reduced value of the pound, having only received one euro coin throughout the entire year
  • He reported that TAMS membership subscriptions had increased to 91 this year (from 88 the year before) but that the figure in the accounts took into consideration some scaled down payments from those joining later in the year.
  • He confirmed that most Expenditure was as budgeted but with approx. £1000 still to be spent this year the surplus was expected at £220. Clothing purchases were well up this year with all stocks previously run down but additionally sales were similarly high
  • Mark made mention of the Charity fund and especially the added monies raised through Maurice’s Family to give such a sizeable figure.
  • Mark referred to the 2’s which were down on the previous year. He thanked John Ames for his hard work throughout the year with the weekly ball-sweeps
  • He confirmed that the TAMS membership fee would remain at £35 for 2019 (to include hole in one insurance) with payment due in January 2019
  • He thanked the Club for all their support especially subsidising ball prices, but reported that despite this we still spent over £9000 in the club for meals, balls & prizes
  • He finally thanked Colin for helping him, during his absences and for auditing the books
  • There were no questions on his Report and these were adopted by a show of hands


Captain’s Report:

  • Maurice Eccles started his report by thanking all TAMS for their help and support during his year as Captain. He said how honoured he initially was to be asked by Barry Root to be his Vice Captain; he had found the year challenging and Barry such a hard act to follow. He thanked Malcolm Lamond for his help, especially when he was absent at the start of the year
  • He mentioned the sad losses during the year of Brian Morris & Frank Edwards
  • Maurice congratulated all the TAMS on taking part in the many competitions run throughout the year and said a special well done to all the Trophy winners
  • He was delighted to report that 51 TAMS had played during the year in the Inter Club matches. He reported a further exceptional year for the teams with 25 matches played and all 13 home matches won. The 12 away matches saw 4 wins, 2 draws and 6 defeats. He specially referred to Richard Elbourne who helped him out so many times at late notice and presented him with a thank you gift
  • Maurice referred to the success of the eclectic competition and thanked Jim Stewart for his hard work in putting this together
  • He next highlighted the outstanding work of all of the committee and thanked them for their support. He specifically mentioned the work of the Secretary Peter Orrin and presented him with a gift
  • He again thanked all TAMS for their support and their generosity to his Charity
  • Finally he thanked the support of the owner – Chris Waters and all of the Brett Vale staff for the work that they do. He wished the TAMS every success in the future and special good wishes to the ‘new’ Captain Neville Proctor and he presented him with a gift

Rule Changes:

  • Peter Orrin mentioned the proposal to add a Competition’s Secretary to the list of officers. The idea was to relieve him of some of the duties that he does, with the one off competitions, throughout the year. He also mentioned that he was particularly delighted that Jim Stewart had agreed to take on this position to add to the eclectic which he already ran. This proposal was agreed by all present by a show of hands
  • The second proposal was put forward by Barry Root, on behalf of the Committee. The idea of this proposal was to recognise exceptional service provided to the TAMS by any individual member, with the provision of the ability to grant Honorary Life Membership at an AGM to that individual. The proposal was adopted by a show of hands by all present.   Barry then and again, on behalf of the Committee, mentioned the work undertaken by Peter Orrin as Secretary of the TAMS over a period of 16 years. With everybody’s approval Honorary Life Membership of the TAMS was granted with a certicate of recognition presented to Peter

Election of Officers for 2019

  • The following officials were nominated and were elected un-opposed by a show of hands
  • Captain – Neville Proctor
  • Vice Captain– Peter Webber
  • Past Captain – Maurice Eccles
  • Treasurer – Mark Milner
  • Secretary – Peter Orrin
  • Competition’s Secretary – Jim Stewart
  • General Committee Member – Barry Root
  • General Committee Member – Peter Robinson
  • At this stage Maurice Eccles presented the newly elected Captain – Neville Proctor with his TAMS Captain’s Jumper for 2019 and handed over the Chair to him

Newly Elected Captain’s Report:

  • Neville thanked Maurice and Malcolm Lamond for their hard work over the past year
  • He said that he was honoured to be TAMS Captain 2019 and hoped that he could live up to expectations. He also said that he believed that with such a good Committee behind him he would be kept in check
  • He referred to his time with the TAMS when he had always seen good humour and sportsmanship and hoped that in particular he could maintain this during his year as Captain
  • He mentioned the programme for the year ahead, which had been publicised before the meeting and showed what can be expected. He asked for continued support of the inter club matches with 26 matches (13 each at home and away) to be played and hoped that some ‘new’ faces would be encouraged to take part. Neville was also delighted to mention that the dress code to be applied for those home matches would be Smart Casual.
  • He was delighted that Peter Webber had agreed to be his Vice Captain and hoped that everyone would give them both their full support
  • Neville mentioned that his chosen Charity for 2019 will be Essex & Herts Air Ambulance
  • Neville thanked everybody for having the confidence in him to be their Captain and looked forward to a good year

Any Other Business:

  • No items raised


With no other matters arising the meeting was closed at 3-25 p.m.