T.A.M.S. committee minutes



Tuesday 30th May 2017


Apologies were received from Colin Spriggs with all other Committee Members present.              The following items were discussed and agreed

Matters arising from meeting 28/3/17:

  • The Committee agreed the minutes of meeting 28/3/17
  • Brig updated on the work being undertaken by him for the Club for future handicap assessment with a lot of time consuming paperwork being produced. He is to continue with the process and asked that we remind all starters, that he needs a copy of the start sheet with details of the winners and amounts won. Peter is to incorporate this in his next E Mail
  • Brig and Mark confirmed that all competition team forms have now been updated. There was some question marks about the need for permission if we use the ‘rainbow’ game and Mark is to take this forward with the Club

Captain’s Update;

  • Barry confirmed that all was in place for the sponsored event on Tuesday 4th July and the £4 entry fee was confirmed. Peter is to put a note on the notice-board advising TAMS of the details
  • Barry updated the Committee on his further plans for his Captain’s day this year (Tuesday 5th Sept). He will replace the past traditional Par 3 & Putting competition and is looking to put a Hole in One competition on the Par 3 area. He has also now agreed a beat the Pro on the 16th with Paul Bate to compete with all groups. There will be a charge either within the entry or on a separate basis and he will confirm at the next meeting
  • He also confirmed that the matches were still going well despite suffering the first loss at Fynn Valley, but is noticing a reducing number of names coming forward
  • He also confirmed that the Captain’s away event was going well

Financial Update;

  • Mark confirmed 85 current paid up TAMS including Brian Fulton who joined with effect from today. A further potential member – Adrian Willis is to come along next Tuesday and Peter will see him and go through the procedure. It was confirmed that the new member form, once completed will be held by Mark
  • Mark produced an updated Income & Expenditure statement with a Bank Balance and Cash in Hand of £5093-65 with charity monies of £1163-15
  • He mentioned that the 2’s net income is now starting to show a profit after the initial ball purchases and that the most noticeable income was the match day raffles with over £100 each time and showing £551 to date

2017 Diary Update & Plans:

  • Peter outlined the plans for the Committee Cup on 13th June with £10 collected from each committee member. He is to purchase vouchers from Tony with details of the prizes already on the notice-board. Barry is to make sure that the Cup is available to present on the day and Peter will remind the Club that this is a Qualifier from Yellow tees
  • Barry is to sort out the Merryweather Trophy event on 13th July, with the Lady Captain and will put up a note for TAMS interested in playing on that day. He will also sort out the food requirements which will be paid on the day by those taking part. Play to start from 9-30 a.m.
  • Peter has the details of the Past Captain’s competition in hand for 27th July and will check which past Captain’s will be available before putting up a note
  • Barry confirmed 15 TAMS names up so far for the Guest Day with two other known attendees confirmed. It was agreed that 20 is the likely norm and Peter will remind TAMS to consider further in the next E Mail

2018 Diary Plans

  • Maurice confirmed that he had the outline plan for 2018, but little more than that at this stage. He has spoken with a few Clubs who advised that the Fixture Secretary will be in touch to firm up the dates. He confirmed that of the new clubs Thorpeness have already agreed but he is awaiting confirmation from Benton Hall

TAMS Chairman:

  • Maurice has put forward the possible idea of a TAMS Chairman. He explained that this was to try and cut out some of the workload of future Captain’s and perhaps encourage more to be interested in this role. This was discussed by the Committee, to also include the alternative of a Fixture Secretary instead. After listening to all the views expressed and the for’s and against, the Committee decided that there was nothing to take forward with the present system suitable for our needs

Other Matters arising:

  • Peter mentioned the isolated problem with a Singles match taking place earlier than agreed, but confirmed that the players involved had been advised and a note sent by e mail to all TAMS
  • Maurice offered to help the Captain with any raffles etc. on his Captain’s Day
  • Barry mentioned publicity and Brig is to look to take this forward with a photo etc on the Committee Cup Day

Date of Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting was confirmed for Tuesday 11th July 17 at 1-00 p.m. after  Dunningham 5






Tuesday 28th March 2017


All Committee Member were present and the following items were discussed and agreed

Matters arising from meeting 17/1/17:

  • The Committee agreed the minutes of meeting 17/1/17
  • Brig updated on the work being undertaken by him for the handicap assessment needs and produced the spreadsheet he is using to inform the Club. He advised that he had informed all Starters to ensure that the weekly list was completed with the winners and amounts and left for him in the pigeon hole. Peter is to remind all again in the weekly E Mail

Captain’s Update;

  • Barry confirmed the excellent start in the Inter Club matches with two home wins and a good draw away at Waldringfield
  • He updated on the plans for the July 4th sponsored day by him and three others which will include prizes on a blind pair’s basis and an American Burger for all who play. The committee agreed that there will be a £4 entry fee, to include the ball sweep
  • Barry also updated the Committee on his initial plans for his Captain’s day this year (Tuesday 5th Sept) which will include sponsorship by Ipswich Audi and a number of special hole in one prizes. He is also looking to have a clinic available to TAMS by Paul Bate which will replace the past traditional Par 3 & Putting competition

TAMS Team Competitions

  • Problems have been seen with recent four-ball team competitions when there are three-balls playing at the end. The result of discussion by the committee confirmed that when we have a Three-ball team competition with some Four-balls played at the end then one player will be drop out in turn and decided in handicap order (highest first). Similarly with a Four-ball team competitions and the odd three-ball at the end then each player in the three ball will act (as a ghost player) scoring twice in turn again in handicap order (lowest first). All TAMS will be advised of this procedure
  • It was confirmed that no provision could be allowed for two-balls and if this did occur those involved would need to have the entry fee returned and only take part in the ball sweep
  • It was agreed that some of the problems arise because of the late arrivals at the end and Peter is to remind all TAMS that they must be with the Starter by 9-15 and by 8-15 when we have a home inter club match
  • It was also agreed that our Team Competition forms need some update and amendment to reflect the procedures as now agreed and Brig & Mark will review and update these in the next week or so
  • It was also agreed that the Starter duties need to be updated and Peter will attend to this and send a copy to all TAMS. He will also put a copy on the TAMS notice-board and at the front of the Competitions folder

Financial Update;

  • Mark advised of 84 current paid up TAMS. However it was confirmed that Peter O’Doherty is to leave and the Committee agreed that a £30 refund should be sent to him. It was also thought that Mel Hearn may be leaving and Colin Spriggs will check on this and if so the committee agreed that a further £30 refund should be sent to him. It had also been suggested that Tony Rollo is back from Spain and will be joining the TAMS again soon
  • Mark produced an updated Income & Expenditure statement with a Bank Balance and Cash in Hand of £4190-26
  • He advised that the charity monies are only showing at £370-01 but reflected upfront major purchases of balls at advantageous prices and he had reflected this in the accounts as a negative £199-99 in the 2’s net income column. This will correct and show a positive amount over the next few months

2017 Dairy Update & Plans:

  • Barry produced a copy of the latest Diary update. He advised that the Fynn Valley away fixture had been switched to Thursday 11th May to avoid a clash with the Beaumont match v Bungay. He is also putting in an entry this year for the Colne Valley Seniors Competition on Tuesday 19th September 2017
  • Barry confirmed that he had discussed the Ned Long Trophy Day – Thursday 27th April with the Ladies Captain. He will sort out the numbers and names to take part and he had agreed to having the same food as the Ladies
  • Peter mentioned the Committee Cup on 13th He will run the competition and the committee agreed a £10 each sponsorship. Peter will acquire the prizes with a £2 entry fee (to include the ball-sweep) going to the Captain’s Charity
  • Barry will sort out the TAMS v Ladies match for the Merryweather Trophy on 13th July
  • Peter queried the format of the Past Captain’s Team competition in view of the increasing number of past captain’s now taking part. The committee however confirmed that no changes were needed, just smaller numbers in each team

2018 Diary Plans

  • Barry confirmed that he is to discuss the planning needs for 2018 with Maurice and he (Maurice) is then to start agreeing to the dates for the Inter Club matches, with all other TAMS events then to be slotted in
  • The committee discussed the vacancy arising next year following the short term closure of Waldringfield. Barry confirmed that Waldringfield will fulfil the October 2017 home fixture with us but next year we will need to replace
  • After discussion, both Benton Hall & possibly Thorpeness were seen as possible replacements. The committee agreed that the first approach should be to Benton Hall subject to some tinkering with dates to avoid the wetter months for the away match
  • Peter advised that he will sponsor the 2018 Committee Cup to celebrate his ‘special’ birthday

Other Matters arising:

  • Peter mentioned the possible problems with the forthcoming Singles matches. The committee confirmed that the early rounds may have to be played, mainly on days outside TAMS days/times. The exception being when the TAMS have away Inter Club matches and the numbers playing are then reduced. It was also confirmed that no Singles matches can be allowed when we have home Inter Club matches and on any other day only a max. two matches to be played and subject only to advance two week prior warning (on a first come first served basis). Peter will advise of this agreement nearer to the time the draw is made
  • Maurice has put forward a proposal to have a Chairman appointed to take on some of the speaking/upfront roles from the Captain. The committee agreed that this needs further thought and discussion and this will be put as a separate subject for discussion at the next committee meeting, before taking to the AGM later in the year, if so agreed
  • Peter updated on the progress with the Club’s new Web site and the procedure for items to appear
  • Maurice & Barry confirmed the practice date agreed for the Beaumont team and Maurice asked for help with the selection, especially with those names not in the TAMS
  • Barry confirmed that he had scheduled Friday 8th December for the Committee Dinner
  • He also reminded the committee of the club events that included the quiz on Friday this week and a Take That Tribute band on 30th June

Date of Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting was confirmed for Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 1-00 p.m. after  Dunningham 3.


Date – Tuesday 17th January 2017

T.A.M.S. Captain Barry Root welcomed the ‘new’ Committee and especially John Ames as a ‘new’ Committee member

Apologies for absence were received from Maurice Eccles

The following items were discussed and agreed

Matters arising from meeting 15/11/16:

  • The Committee agreed to run a further 13 hole competition on Thursday 23rd February 2017
  • Brig confirmed that he had sent a picture/article to the Suffolk & Norfolk Golfer following the Charity Presentation at the recent AGM. Brig also confirmed that he would take on the role, this year, as Publicity Officer for the TAMS and would also look at pictures/articles for the East Anglian Daily Times and the Colchester Gazette

Captain’s Update;

  • Barry confirmed the specific roles to be adopted with John Ames now taking over the Ball Sweep. Colin Spriggs will continue with sorting out Starters when needed and provide back up when other duties needed. Barry is to talk to Keith Armes about engraving and the other Committee roles are to stay the same
  • Barry also confirmed his wish to carry on with the collar & tie dress code for all home Inter Club matches, although Felixstowe & Stowmarket have switched this year to smart casual (but not golf wear). He confirmed, with the Committee’s agreement that the Guest Day and Presentation Lunch would move to Smart Casual this year (again with the proviso no golf gear)

Handicap Needs

  • At this stage of the meeting the Committee were joined by Keith Ribbans in his role as Club Handicap Secretary. Keith explained the additional needs that England Golf are looking to introduce this year to help cover annual assessment of handicaps by taking into consideration players performance in non qualifiers and away from home. The aim is to give a fairer assessment when the review is undertaken. Keith explained that he was looking for support from the TAMS and other larger groups who play at Brett Vale, with the information required, evolving over a period of time. He asked for a simple system of monitoring performance to give a guide relating to winnings against times played. After discussion the committee agreed to look to put this into effect with Brig to produce a spreadsheet to provide this periodically to Keith

Financial Update;

  • Mark advised of 67 current paid up TAMS
  • He produced a budget for the year which after discussion was adopted. This showed a projected 88 TAMS with most other figures taken from the actual outcome of 2016
  • Peter was able to confirm that he had agreed with Chris Waters that the food prices would remain at 2016 levels. For Inter Club matches the price would remain at £14 with £15 per player collected to include the staff tip. The Presentation Lunch would also be £14 per person, the AGM Brunch £5-50 and the Baguettes for the Captain’s Day & Over v Under 70’s at £3-50. The food for the matches with the ladies would be sorted nearer each event and paid by those playing
  • Mark also produced an updated Income & Expenditure, for the Committee, showing a current balance as at 16/1/17 at £3140-36 with £428-49 charity monies and most of the rest reflecting the TAMS subs payments. Most expenditure is at the back end of the year
  • It was also confirmed that for the purpose of the Bank mandate, that it was not possible to remove Colin Spriggs or Brig Archer from the signatory list whilst they remained on the Committee. The Committee had no problem with this.

A.G.M. Issues:

  • Peter provided the Committee with the minutes of the recent AGM and these were approved. They will now be filed and sent to members in advance of the 2017 AGM
  • The Committee also agreed the procedure with potential new members. A membership form has been produced and held in the TAMS locker. This is to be completed by the potential new member in the presence of a Committee member and then passed to the Captain/Vice Captain/ Secretary for action

2017 Event Update Plans

  • Barry confirmed that the Diary plans were as previously issued and Peter is to put a copy on the TAMS notice board. Peter confirmed that the club have been advised of the TAMS Qualifiers for the year and these were also on the notice board
  • Barry & Peter have sorted out, with Holly, all the menus for the year for the Inter Club matches and Presentation Lunch
  • Barry also confirmed that he had spoken with David Branch and Ladies Captain Sheila King regarding David’s planned 75th Birthday sponsorship on Valentine’s Day. The plan is for the Ladies to play amongst the TAMS with individual competitions and prizes for the TAMS and Ladies. A £2 entry fee + 50p Ball sweep is to be paid to take part, with the monies to cover a few additional bottle prizes and the rest to the Captain’s charity. Peter is to provide a Tee Time schedule to cover 8-00 to 10-45 with spaces nearer the end left to be taken by the Ladies, which will mean a delayed start for some TAMS
  • Barry initially outlined his plans for his Captain’s Day to include some new and exciting prize potential. The Committee agreed that the Par 3 & Putting Competition had run its course and in its place Barry is considering the possibility of a Golf Clinic involving Paul Bate. He will discuss with him and advise more at the next meeting. He will also confirm alongside more detail for the July Birthday sponsorship involving him and three others

Other Matters arising:

  • Peter had received feedback from a few that the Secret Santa had lost its impact, with little thought given by members and that it had basically become a bottle swop. The committee had mixed views on this with Turkeys or similar meat vouchers as an alternative. They agreed to discuss more at the next meeting after seeking the views of TAMS
  • Barry mentioned the Three Clubs and a Putter competition with at least one player having taken a separate club instead of the Putter. The Committee agreed that this was against the rules of this competition and would not be allowed in the future (only three clubs can be taken and used)
  • Peter mentioned the new Club website and the procedure to feed information to this source
  • Maurice had wished to raise the subject of a Chairman for the TAMS and in his absence this will to be discussed next time
  • Barry mentioned his plans for a Captain’s Away day at Sprowston Manor Norfolk on 2nd & 3rd July and he will put details on the notice board
  • He also confirmed that he and Maurice are to re-introduce the Captains’ challenge this year with a £5 entry per player to go to Charity

Date of Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting was confirmed for Tuesday 27th March 2017 at 1-00 p.m.