T.A.M.S. committee minutes


Tuesday 28th May 2019



  • Apologies were received from Peter Robinson with all other Committee Members present

Minutes of Meeting 4/4/19:

  • The Minutes were confirmed as a true record of the meeting
  • The only matter arising, that was not included on the Agenda, was the TAMS Dinner and Maurice confirmed that this is to be held on Friday 15th November 2019 with prices likely the same as 2018. He is confirming arrangements with the Club and will sort out Menu’s etc in due course, before advising TAMS of the date & the plans

Captain’s Report;

  • Neville was pleased to report that the Inter Club matches had gone well so far, with two recent excellent away wins at Stowmarket & Haverhill. He also confirmed that 31 TAMS have taken part so far, including some ‘new’ members and that he was pleased with the co-operation when TAMS have stepped in at the last moment to cover ‘drop outs’
  • He advised that the Ned Long Trophy went well with 17 TAMS taking part + Ned to match the 18 Ladies and that Ned was pleased with the way it all went
  • Neville mentioned the success of the Club Beaumont team at Bury with the next round at Diss to take place on Friday 14th June
  • He made reference to the excellent condition of the course and the changes made by the ‘new’ Head Green-keeper and all the committee endorsed these views
  • He felt that the repairing of pitch marks was still an issue to monitor and there have been the mention of slow play which needs ongoing attention
  • The final reference was to the Club Guest day on 6th June and that there had been a good response from the TAMS. He suggested that the tee time draw would be issued shortly (by the organiser) with a shotgun start at 9-30 a.m. and a suggestion that all should look to arrive by 8-30 a.m. He also advised that it was Smart Casual (no golf attire) for Lunch. The suggestion made was that Peter Orrin would advise these details to the TAMS in his weekly email today

Financial Update:

  • The Treasurer advised that we had 89 current paid up TAMS (including the Honoury Life Member) with just one more to still to pay (but promised) making 90 in total
  • Mark provided an update of the accounts showing total funds of £5091-29. He reminded the committee that most expenditure was later in the year and that the accounts also included current charity monies of £1545-45. He advised that he may have to soon purchase a further supply of balls for the ball-sweep but that we were now in profit from this source (£254-50)
  • Mark referred to the £200 proposed contribution set aside for the Club, for the practice area, and that this was still under discussion with the owner

TAMS Events 2019:

  • Jim confirmed that a note had gone on the notice-board today for the Committee Cup, to be held on Thursday 20th He has collected £10 from each committee member and has £80 to spend this year (£10 more than last year). He is to obtain club vouchers for the first four places and wine for the nearest the pins including one extra nearest the pin, this year. To cover the special prize he confirmed that he is to arrange a sweepstake, with each participating TAM to draw a name, and he will provide a sheet to allow the Starters to record the details of the draw. He will additionally establish with Barry that the Trophy will be available to present on the day
  • Neville confirmed that he will speak with the Lady Captain regarding the TAMS v Ladies match on 11th July and the Rose & Two Thorns on 1st August and will put up notices to see who wishes to play in these events. Once this is established he will sort out (through a playing volunteer) the food needed and the costs and advise the Club of the requirements
  • Finally under this section Jim confirmed that he would establish in the next few weeks the number of Past TAMS Captain’s available for the Competition on the 25th Nearer the date he will obtain details of those playing from the Secretary and make the team(s) draw

Use of White Tees

  • The Committee firstly discussed the possible need to change the Yellow Marker planned Qualifying competitions to White tees in the light of the recent changes by the Club to relax usage of White tees to Members. The Committee agreed that we should change the TAMS Championship to White tees this year to show the importance of this competition in our calendar. Peter is to advise the Club and TAMS members. Jim will sort out the competition on this basis
  • The point was made by the Committee that we must show fairness to all TAMS and as such are proposing to keep the Committee Cup, Captain’s Day & Roger Dentith Trophy as Qualifiers from the Yellow Marker posts for this year at least. Again Peter is to advise the Club and the TAMS of this decision. The committee confirmed that for 2020 there is likely to be a case to add these three competitions to also be played from White tees and this will be reviewed later in the year
  • The Committee then discussed the discretion of the starters to consider White tees for non qualifier unspecified TAMS events. After discussion the committee agreed that on these days and for the rest of the year we would only play off Yellow tees, to be fair to all TAMS and this will also be advised to Members

2020 Match Plans:

  • Peter Webber produced his first plan for the 2020 diary with most Inter Club dates now having been agreed. He is still waiting on a few and also on confirmation from Woodbridge that this will be a new venue for our diary next year

Other Matters:

  • Maurice had received an approach to have our minutes on the web site and these will be followed up by the Secretary
  • Maurice also mentioned the possibility of a first aid course by Dylan and would set up to promote an awareness of what to do if there is an incident whilst we are on the course. Whilst this is being considered he suggested that all TAMS should take Mobile phones on the course with them, to cover problems as a backup, but without distracting those playing. It was agreed that we need to speak with the club to establish their policy before taking this further forward and Peter O will speak with Tony and feedback to the committee
  • Maurice also advised that he is preparing food menus for our Inter Club visitors
  • Peter Webber advised that he is hoping to have his Drive In on the day of the Christmas Stableford
  • Jim Stewart asked for details of the procedure for putting items on the web site and Peter O is to let him have the email address of Holly to allow details of the Competition events to be added to the web site
  • Barry suggested an approach to the Ladies for volunteer help needed for the Ladies Open Day and Neville will take this forward with the Lady Captain

Date of Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting is to be held on Thursday 18th July after the Club Mid Week Stableford at 1-00 p.m. with all the Committee to tee off early on that day