Golf lesson details


I coach using digital analysis (video camera) along with the GASP (Golf Analysis System for Professionals) computer coaching system to record and analyse your action. I only use this when I feel it will be of benefit to you, but this is at no extra cost to the half hour, one hour lesson or coach for the day prices.

1 hour lesson (outdoors or indoors)
95% of the lessons I run are for one hour.  It guarantees that you go away knowing exactly what to do to improve your game.  It can be used on any part of your game.

1/2 hour lesson
This is ideal if you are having regular lessons, and would just like me to check that you are still working along the right lines.  This can be used on any part of your game.

13 hole playing lesson
The two main points which we will work on in a playing lesson are your course management, and your mental approach.  Do you know if your bad shots on the course are caused because of your swing, or because your thoughts triggered a bad swing ?  A playing lesson is a great chance for me to assess exactly what needs to be done to save shots off  your scores.

Junior lesson (1/2 hour or one hour)
The emphasis here is on fun, with an element of tuition. Lesson prices are kept low to encourage juniors who are the life blood of the game to take up the game.

Group lesson
Available on request. These include Summer playing lesson for up to three people, and Beginners adult group coaching lessons.

Available on request.