Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequenlty asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you want to discuss further.

Are group lessons available ?
Yes they are. If you have a group of friends, or would like to arrange group coaching for people from work,contact me, and we can arrange how you would like to go about doing this.

I have never played golf before and have no equipment. Can you still teach me at Brett Vale ?
Absolutely. We can loan the equipment if you have none. At Brett Vale we encourage people to take up the game and have all the facilities to get you from beginner to established player.

Can my friend and I share a lesson ?
Yes you can. However, I would recommend that you have at least one hour each. So if you have 2 hours together, the lesson can still be done in such a way that you both get the equivalent of one hour.

How far in advance do I need to book my lessons ?
Try and book your lessons at least one week in advance. However, if you want a lesson sooner, or even the following day, give me a call to see if I am available.

Can lesson times be scheduled to suit me ?
Yes. Lesson times can be arranged to fit in with you.

Can I contact you between lessons to discuss my game ?
Yes. Give me a call.

Do you teach ladies ?
Yes. Indeed many of my clients are ladies, from beginners to regular players.