Tams vs Felixstowe

The TAMS played there second Inter Club Match of the season today Tuesday 2nd April at home to Felixstowe
It proved another good day for the TAMS not dampened by some light rain at the end of the round
The TAMS won 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 with five wins and the other three matches halved
The winning pairings were
Captain Neville Proctor playing with Vice Captain Peter Webber winning 5 & 3
Paul Jennings & John Ames winning 2 & 1
Keith Ribbans & David Brothers winning 7 & 5
Mark Milner & Richard Clayton winning 3 & 2
Danny Lumley & John Pritchard winning 6 & 5
The three pairrings who all halved their matches were
Stephen Gooday & Barry Root
Alan Finch & David Branch
Deb Outar & Peter Orrin