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Brett Vale TAMS played their 12th home match of the year against Stowmarket and recorded an outstanding 8 – 0 win
Its now twelve wins out of twelve home matches played with the final match in two weeks time against Hintelsham
The course was excellent as was the food to follow
Well done to Captain Neville and his team on another victory
The wins were as follows
Neville Proctor & Alan Finch 2 & 1
Danny Lumley & Peter Webber 4 & 2
Bill Stowe & Peter Orrin 5 & 4
Brig Archer & Richard Clayton 3 & 2
Maurice Eccles & David Brothers 6 & 4
Paul Jennings & Brian Fulto 2 & 1
Keith Ribbans & John Ames 3 & 1
Mark Milner & Clive Bloom 2 & 1


The TAMS played an away match today at Benton Hall
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The TAMS played there last away Inter Club match of the season today 1st October against Benton Hall
The team were lucky with the weather, and a good competitive match saw the TAMS suffer a close defeat by 3 1/2 to 4 1/2
Wins were recorded by
David Brothers & John Ames 1 up
Paul Jennings & Barry Root 2 & 1
Stephen Gooday & Danny Lumley 3 & 2
Peter Webber & Clive Bloom halved their match
The TAMS have now played all thirteen of their away matches with 6 wins 2 draws and 5 defeats
They have just two home matches remaining, at home to Stowmarket next Tuesday and to Hintelsham two weeks later
To date they have won all 11 home matches and hopefully they can continue this at ‘fortress Brett Vale’ to complete an outstanding year


The TAMS played an away match at Braintree on Friday 20th September 2019
They recorded an outstanding victory in a close match by 4 1/2 to 3 1/2
The TAMS team were led by Vice Captain Peter Webber and playing with Bill Stowe they set the team towards victory by recording a 2 up win
Additional wins were recorded by
Stephen Gooday & Chris Gerry 2 up
Richard Clayton & Richard Elbourne 4 & 2
David Brothers & Jim Stewart 6 & 5
Paul Jennings & Alan Finch halved their match


GRANNY TROPHY  Thursday 29th August 2019

Our annual Trophy was played in lovely weather with the course looking beautiful and in tip top condition.

Congratulations to the winners

1st        Jura Davies

2nd      Di Leach

3rd       Carol Owens

4th       Alison Stokes

A presentation of flowers ,chocolates and Prosecco was made to Jane Needham with grateful thanks acknowledging her superb efforts in managing the Cranworth Team.

T.A.M.S vs Harwich

The TAMS played their away match at Harwich ,after having the start delayed for a break in the weather
TAMS Captain Neville Proctor and playing partner Mark Milner led off and their game being very close
but eventually lost 2 and 1
The overall result was 5 – 3 to Harwich
The winning TAMS pairings were
Clive Bloom and Reg King
Andrew Brothers and Brian Fulton
Keith Ribbans and Richard Clayton who won their match 7-6
Harwich were good hosts for the day and all enjoyed a good days golf