T.A.M.S. rules


The Society shall be called the T.A.M.S.


To provide good fellowship in a golfing environment and to provide a framework for competitions between members, and inter-club matches with other ‘seniors’ societies


The T.A.M.S. will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with current tee times allocated at eight minute intervals from 7-28 a.m. to 9-52 a.m.

Society Competitions and Home inter-club matches will normally be held on Tuesday mornings and a list of the dates will be publicised at the start of the year.

The Society will participate in the Club’s midweek monthly medal as publicised and no other Society competition will be run on those twelve allocated Thursdays.

All other Society Competitions will be run on Tuesdays and Thursdays on an informal basis, with tee times drawn from the list of those wishing to play, and publicised from the Tuesday proceeding the week of play.

The format of the Competition will be decided by the Starter(s) of the day and it is expected that every member will undertake starter duties at least three times a year.

Guests may be invited on Thursdays only, if spaces are available, subject to prior notice, and they would not normally participate in any TAMS competition taking part on that day


Membership of the T.A.M.S. is available to members of Brett Vale Golf as follows;

  1. Must be age 55 and over with an active CONGU golf handicap
  2. Must not be in full employment (salaried or self-employed)
  3. Must be available for golf on a regular basis on T.A.M.S. days
  4. All applications are subject to T.A.M.S. Committee approval and may be placed onto a waiting list if considered appropriate by the T.A.M.S. Committee

Only T.A.M.S members may participate in T.A.M.S. competitions and informal sweeps

All T.A.M.S. members are eligible to play in Inter-Club matches and the Captain will select teams from the list of those members available for each match, endeavouring to ensure an equitable distribution throughout the year, both home and away

T.A.M.S. members should make themselves available for a mixture of both home and away matches throughout the year in the interest of fairness


The Management of the T.A.M.S. shall be vested in a Committee which shall comprise Captain, Vice-Captain, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Past Captain and up to two General Committee Members

All positions shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, which will normally be held in the first week of December.

  Any proposed changes to these rules must be publicised fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting and any other matter which require a Members vote must similarly be made in writing and publicised fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting

The Captain will assume responsibility annually after the Annual General Meeting

A Quorum of the Committee shall be three, which shall include the Captain or the Vice-Captain

The Committee has the power to co-opt


T.A.M.S. membership subscription shall be £35 per annum (to include Hole in One   Insurance) due on 1st January and payable by 31st January.

This includes entrance fees to the Dunningham Trophy, the Summer Singles Knock out, and the Winter Pairs, as well as the cost of the Presentation Lunch and other Lunches agreed by the Committee, together with any trophy & prize costs incurred during the year

There will be a £1 entrance fee to the ‘sweep’ for informal competitions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ten per cent (10%) of the ‘sweep’ monies will be passed to the Captain’s Charity Fund, the rest being paid out to the winner(s) on the day as decided by the Starter(s). There will also be an ‘optional’ Ball sweep of 50p

The Committee may charge an additional fee for other competition’s, and/or club lunches etc.


The Accounts of the T.A.M.S., after auditing, shall be submitted annually to the Annual General Meeting.

The T.A.M.S. Bank account shall be maintained and shall bear the signature of any two of the Captain, Vice-Captain, Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Secretary

The financial year shall run from 1st December to 30th November


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time, at the written request of twenty five percent (25%) of the paid-up membership. Fourteen (14) days advance notice must be given to all members